Luminous Tradition helps Catholics deepen their prayer life through learning a variety of topics in a way that is suitable for meditation. 

Saints, Fathers, and Doctors of the Catholic Tradition learned about a variety of topics in philosophy, theology, and other subjects to grow in their understanding of the Gospel and Catholic faith. Souls desiring to know more about our Blessed Lord can find him through prayerful learning. 

To aid in this learning, Luminous Tradition offers occasional courses that help Catholics intellectually engage the Church’s Tradition. This engagement helps Catholics to better understand what they believe so they may believe it more fervently and prayerfully meditate on what they read and believe in light of the Catholic faith.

We’re currently offering a members-only course called “Transforming Your Life through Prayer.” This 4-week live-interaction course walks you through the fundamental building blocks for developing habits of consistent, effective prayer, prayerful self-examination, and prayerful learning so you can identify habits and mindsets that will help you more closely live what Christ calls us to.

We will have additional courses available to non-members as soon as possible.